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The Meridian Team of Supreme Lending

, our goal is always two-fold: Do right by our customers and help families nationwide find their dream home faster. That's why our team collectively undergoes 600 hours of national and state-specific training a year so that they can continue to provide you with the best loan assistance possible. There is no charge to submit an application and no initial hard credit inquiry. That means there's no out-of-pocket risk to you when it comes to discovering your loan options. We're here to answer your questions in a completely pressure-free environment.

We were founded on standards of ethical behavior and dependable service—and our dedication to those principles has only increased as we continue to grow. Tell us about your mortgage goals and financial situation so we can provide advice, insights, and solutions that are uniquely tailored to you. Click one of the buttons above to get started and learn how The Meridian Team can make a difference in your life. It’s as simple as filling out a quick online form.




Home Purchasing

Things change. A loan that works today, may not be the right fit a few years down the line. Refinancing allows you to pay off your current mortgage and negotiate a new loan program, which may lower your monthly payments and can give you a different payoff date. There are two different types of refinancing that homeowners may choose from: a basic refinance or, if you have sufficient equity in your home, a cash-out refinance. A basic refinance replaces your current mortgage with another mortgage with a lower rate, more savings each month, or even a shorter term. A cash-out refinance is similar to the basic version, but also allows you to take some of your home equity and turn it into cash for emergency savings, home improvements, paying off other debts, or anything your family needs.

When buying a home, partnering with the right lender is crucial. If you're in the market, The Meridian Team is here to guide you through every step in the process: All the way from initial documentation and choosing a loan, to closing and putting the keys into your hand. We've streamlined everything involved so there’s quicker turnaround times and no confusion about what to do next. Talk to one of our lending experts and start exploring options. See what type of loan you may qualify for today.

From the moment you open an application with us, we are dedicated to bringing you the best mortgage experience. Whether that's through direct support or the loan resources housed throughout our site, we try to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible. But don't take our word for it! Read through the hundreds of transparent and unfiltered reviews on our site to see what customers like you are saying. There's a reason we’ve been able to maintain a high 4.8 star ranking across 800+ examples of personal feedback on our website. Our commitment to honesty and responsibility is a part of everything we do at The Meridian Team of Supreme Lending.

* We will advance the upfront cost of an initial home appraisal (up to $600) prepared in connection with processing your loan application in accordance with our procedures. We may require you to pay the cost of the appraisal if your loan application closes, is transferred to another lender, or is canceled for any reason other than denial of credit. If your loan is denied, we will not charge you for the cost of the appraisal.

What are you looking to do?